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Yesterday I also tufted the inboard trailing fringe of the wing to determine to what extent the weak boundary-layer stream there, specifically pronounced at strategy speed as noticed below, is afflicted by escalating pace. The 2 images down below display a region relatively outboard from the 85-knot a person, so they don't seem to be strictly comparable. The initial was taken at 100 kias, the second at a hundred thirty. They do suggest some enhancement -- as can be expected -- with diminishing angle of attack, in addition to a standard inclination, also predicted, for circulation top quality near the trailing edge to become motivated by profile thickness.

I are actually progressively, and a lot more accidentally than by structure, unraveling the peculiarities of these very small cameras. I have gotten to the point of downloading movie from one of these to my computer; sadly, it's the 640x480 one particular (the $18 one) not the HD just one, but I hope that quicker or later on I'll determine the HD a single out far too.

The curious sample of light around the instrument panel -- and every little thing else inside the cabin -- was, I feel, a schlieren image of density versions in the plexiglas with the Cover.

To explain the matter of my Lowrance Airmap 300 GPS and why I don't merely get a more recent a person: The Lowrance is nicely integrated into my autopilot (which is definitely one-axis Century I wing leveler at first obtained some time within the seventies) and I use it Nearly continuously even though cruising. The autopilot can few to the Lowrance or to both VOR, plus the interface gadget, a "Wise Coupler" () that I mounted in 2005, might also utilize the GPS to hold a heading, a capacity which the Century I by itself lacks. (You can find even a back again training course swtich for reverse-tracking a localizer, but I have not employed that in about forty a long time.

In 10 several years I've experienced 6 biennial static/transponder checks, and of All those two have involved me in expense and squandered time as a consequence of Phony effects that turned out to generally be as a consequence of issues with the exam devices. This time, at least, the technician trapped all-around to troubleshoot the condition, and supplied to pay for the expense of my having unnecessarily delivered the encoder again into the manufacturer after his previous stop by (I declined).

A couple of days ago it transpired to me to check A different source of More Info oil temperature knowledge, particularly images taken in flight by which the instrument panel is seen. In 3 shots taken amongst January and July 2011, the toggle switch is always to the correct; that may be, it really is exhibiting induction air temperature, that is 75 or so in The 2 pictures by which the gauge is readable.

As long as I used to be transforming the cooling air inlet, I added a ramp in lieu with the vertical barrier, Full Article about 9 inches driving the inlet lip, exactly where the entrance of the nosegear box/motor mount is. I flew yesterday for The very first time with the new inlet configuration. The ambient temperature was decrease than it's been up to now months -- 43 deg File at 10,000 feet -- and I have not collected CHT data systematically in past times, so I have only subjective impressions to go by, however the cooling seemed Great. The oil temperature was down somewhat, although not around I might like; however, it was down by a lot more than the ambient temperature drop, so I truly feel really satisfied with the variations on the inlet.

My next eBay GPS arrived. It is a lot more full and in improved exterior condition than the initial, but I can't get it to lock on possibly. Thus far I have just examined it in your own home. I forgot to consider it with me nowadays After i flew about a little bit to get some baseline oil temperature details with the revised oil filter plumbing and With all the oil cooler's exhaust duct removed. The oil temperature was down about 5 levels C, which was gratifying but a little bit difficult to clarify.

A couple of days back I replaced the paper filter ingredient from the hydraulic technique filter. I had expected this to generally be a troublesome career, simply because some time again inside the nineties an idiot utilizing my system had mounted the filter driving the instrument panel rather than before the firewall along with the reservoir, where by it of course belonged.

On runup nowadays I found that my remaining mag was totally inop. This needs to be why previous-timers Look at their mags following landing. Tomorrow I'll consider it towards the shop that recently overhauled it.

Meanwhile I have already been toying While using the thought of putting in an intercooler. I have toyed using this type of concept before, but never gotten earlier the toying stage. I have various intercoolers lying all around, none of which will be ideal for my 200-hp engine devoid of modification.

Run-up this time was excellent -- there were a loose nut on one plug -- and the test flight went wonderful. I had a distinct impact of extra energy over the Original climb; I used to be 1,000 toes agl midway with the crosswind leg, Irrespective of climbing at a nominal seventy five% ability environment. A perceptible boost in electric power seemed not likely to me, but I mentioned it into the mechanic who had put in the mags and he did not appear to be skeptical; he stated that ignition harnesses start to deteriorate after 5 years or so in use.

I even now have to switch the hinge brackets about the wings, equally to permit changing the hinge line if needed and also to preserve the option of going back again to the original ailerons if for many reason I opt to.  

Meanwhile, I bought an inches-of-drinking water gauge on eBay. It experienced just one port, so I added a second port for any reference force and sealed the case with epoxy. It'll be a far more effortless and accurate approach to study cowling pressures than my aged water manometer was.

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